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Koptiq Sun Unleashes New Single "Tikin" Produced by Cool Running

Koptiq Sun Unleashes New Single "Tikin" Produced by Cool Running The music world welcomes a fresh and vibrant tune as Koptiq Sun releases his latest single, "Tikin."

This highly anticipated track showcases the dynamic collaboration between Geoffrey Forrest, known artistically as Koptiq Sun, and the adept producer Cool Running. "Tikin" is a seamless blend of compelling lyrics and captivating melodies, offering listeners a unique auditory experience. Geoffrey Forrest, the lyrical architect behind Koptiq Sun, has once again demonstrated his prowess in songwriting. His thoughtful and evocative lyrics resonate deeply, weaving a narrative that is both personal and universal.

Adding to the track's brilliance is the composition by Berisa Hasan, who operates under the moniker Piano Zano. Hasan’s compositional genius is evident in the intricate and melodic soundscape of "Tikin," which complements Koptiq Sun's lyrical delivery perfectly. The synergy between Forrest's poignant lyrics and Hasan's masterful composition underpins the song's appeal.

Produced by the renowned Cool Running, "Tikin" benefits from a polished and contemporary production style that highlights the strengths of both the artist and composer. Cool Running's influence ensures that the track is not only well-crafted but also primed for widespread acclaim. "Tikin" stands as a testament to the creative potential when talented individuals like Koptiq Sun and Piano Zano come together, promising a bright future for both artists in the music industry.

Tikin by Koptiq Sun
Author Geoffrey Forrest aka #KoptiqSun
Composer Berisa Hasan aka #PianoZano
Produce by CoolRunning
Label CoolRunning